The Collaborate with Edge Leadership Conference Video 2018

Women’s leadership parity is not a women’s issue, it is a business issue. The 2018 Collaborate with Edge Leadership Conference is making a difference in Women’s Leadership Parity and the advancement of women, see why!   

Past Conference Schedule June 12, 2018


Registration & Networking opens at 1:00

Opening Session: 1:30

Empowering Women in the Workplace: A man’s perspective

Moderated By: 

                          Suzanne Brienza, PSEG Long Island 

                          Patricia Kielawa, Wells Fargo Bank, NA

Panel includes: 

                         Dave Daly, PSEG

                         N. Scott Millar, Canon USA

                         Michael Keenan, Wells Fargo Bank, NA

                         Nicholas Iadevaio, L'Oreal USA

Workshop Sessions: 3:00 - 4:00

#BYOA: A Multigenerational Approach to Being Your Own Advocate

Using real life scenarios, the multigenerational team from Rivkin Radler, LLP will inspire a critical conversation presenting many useful and effective strategies that a woman can implement to advocate for herself as she navigates her career path. 

Presented by Rivkin Radler, LLP


Alpha Women on the Rise - Balancing Your Personal, Professional & Financial Success Most women feel like they have to apologize for their successes even though they are increasingly out-earning their spouses. We will teach audience members how to embrace their financial success while still maintaining equilibrium within their relationships - both personal and professional. We will also cover how to develop your own personal brand and career path in the workplace. It’s time to start the #AlphaWomen trend. 

Presented by  Mazars USA LLP 


From Farm Girl to Scientist: A passion for discovery

From Farm Girl to Scientist: A passion for discovery

Cathy Cutler, Director of the Medical Isotope Research & Production program at Brookhaven National Laboratory, takes us on her personal journey to becoming a cutting-edge scientist with a passion for discovery.  Through her story, learn how one woman’s determination to overcome hurdles lead her to develop a noninvasive personalized cancer treatment, designing molecules to detect and kill cancer cells with extreme precision.

Presented by Brookhaven National Laboratory

Workshop Sessions: 4:15 - 5:15

Do they say… “Oh really. Tell me more.”

Is your elevator pitch polished? Is your pitch a draw? Does it showcase your professionalism, confidence and wealth of knowledge? It should. In this interactive workshop you will create the and practice three “new” type of elevator pitches. We’ll share tips on how to present yourself succinctly and confidently in any setting positioning you to becoming tomorrow’s leader. Walk away with success tools that will help you move forward to making a great first impression. 

Presented by EY

Leading the Way in Cybersecurity: A woman’s domain

Cybersecurity has been and is still often a male-dominated industry making it difficult for women to achieve the C-suite. Being knowledgeable and proactive tops the list of necessary skills to be a cybersecurity expert – recognizing how to protect companies, individuals and their reputations. Our expert panel will discuss their rise in this rapidly evolving field, sharing their expertise about what you need to know to protect yourself and your company, and the next cyber threat looming around the corner. 

Presented by EisnerAmper, LLP

Empower Yourself through Balance

Women are juggling multiple demands; ending up feeling stretched too thin and unfulfilled. Life becomes a series of tasks and chores, leaving us exhausted and uninspired. Learn how to set goals and make choices that will lead to a truly fulfilling life and ignite the fire within. Understand the keys to effective time management including making time for your health.  Presented by Be Balanced

Keynote Session: 5:30 - 6:45

Keynote Welcome

Lieutenant Governor of New York 

Why You Shouldn't Stay in Your Lane

Luchina Fisher

Luchina Fisher, the co-executive producer and co-writer of the critically acclaimed documentary BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY, is an award-winning writer and filmmaker. She has written and produced several nationally broadcast documentaries as well as numerous segments for television. Her work has appeared on Discovery Health, A&E, ESPN, National Geographic Channel, ABC and in syndication. She is also the writer, director and producer of two award-winning short films. Fisher began her career as a journalist, reporting for the Miami Herald and People magazine. She was a contributing editor for O, The Oprah Magazine. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, Lifetime magazine and Health, as well as online at where she currently writes about the entertainment industry. Why You Shouldn't Stay in Your Lane

Networking Reception around the pool: 6:45 - 8:30