Leading & Rising with edge will return fall 2019

Leading with Edge

leadership program for executive women leaders (sample curriculum)


Leading with Edge is a program designed for senior level women looking to enrich and advance their current leadership skills while learning strategies to lead their teams to reach higher levels of success. Using innovative approaches this 6-week course focuses on practical real-world methodologies including focused skills that women need to incorporate in their strategies to lead and be ahead of the rest. 

Program Agenda


Session 1     Introspection: The Authentic You

When was the last time you took an honest look at yourself? Do you know the Authentic You? Leadership is not only understanding the qualities of those you lead, but also a frank understanding of who you are as a leader. Leadership might be in your DNA, yet you might not see the obstacles that impede women from maximizing their leadership capabilities. This session raises awareness and shares how to leap those hurdles that hinder women from being empowered leaders. 

Session 2     Mind Over Matter: Managing Perspective 

The Edge model is based on our life experience influencing our perspective, mindset & forming our confidence, or lack of. This session highlights how to shift this paradigm, refreshing your mindset to a more positive, productive and confident approach. Learn how to use skills like women’s intuition, giving yourself permission and setting realistic smart goals with your new mindset. We’ll show you how to add analytical methodologies to decision using a holistic approach. Add new women-focused skills to your tool box!. 

Session 3      Lead Like a Leader

Not every leader leads like a leader. This session clarifies what it takes to be an accomplished respected leader, one your team will want to follow! You’ll fill your toolbox with essential leadership skills like emotional intelligence, leadership presence, visioning and more. Learn how to be more aware of, manage and understand your emotions, as well as those of your colleagues and co-workers. Get tips on how to handle interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Discover how you can improve and advance your standing as an executive by increasing your executive presence.

Session 4      Lead Like a Woman     

In sessions 1 & 2, you have introspected, learned to be the authentic you, and have a greater understanding of hurdling the obstacles that hold you back. Session 3 taught you the skills to good leadership, now learn how to integrate the authentic you and your refreshed leadership skills into your vision and lead like a woman. Why lead like a woman? Because you are a woman and women have tremendous abilities to lead. Create your leadership action plan by developing a vision, planning the steps and communicating that vision. Learn to integrate the vital skills to complete your strategy and be on your way to achieving your personal and professional vision.        

Session 5      Empowering Your Connections 

Building your network is essential to developing your business. It’s not just about going to events and collecting business cards, it’s about creating an empowered network.. Gain an in-depth understanding about how-to stand out and be the go-to person. Discover how to create and maintain an influential network, making you a more sought after connector. Networking is also about building your internal network. We will share strategies how create a strong internal network, how to find the right mentor and/or sponsor and how to orchestrate powerful conversations which encourage collaboration, sponsorship and propel your career forward.

Session 6      Turning Adversity to Your Benefit    

 Learn how to embrace setbacks and make conflict your tool to gain achievement and success. In this session learn how to use coaching tools to tackle the most demanding challenges that professional women face today. Formulate creative solutions to improve your leadership proficiencies and engagement levels, increase your business performance and make a greater impact at work. We will target problems that challenge you in your personal and professional lives sharing a multi-dimensional approach to establishing a more fulfilling, well-rounded life.  


Rising with Edge

 leadership program for emerging women leaders 

(sample curriculum - descriptions above)


Rising with Edge is a program aimed at high potential emerging leaders who are new to leading a team/project, or who are seeking a leadership role. This program is tailored towards those who want to build, shape and advance their leadership skills. This five-week course will show you innovative steps to be a more confident powerful leader and give you a greater understanding of how to avoid the hurdles to reaching your leadership potential. 

Program Agenda


Session 1     Introspection: The Authentic You

Session 2     Mind Over Matter: Managing Perspective 

Session 3     Lead Like a Woman

Session 4     Empowering Your Connections 

Session 5     Turning Adversity to Your Benefit