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Leading with Edge 2018

 This course has made such an impact in my everyday life. I am more aware of how I speak, listen and lead with others at work. I hold my head a little higher and my shoulders back a little more!! It has given me the confidence to take on more challenges and get comfortable being “uncomfortable”!

My “Ah-Ha” moment was the very first day. I felt intimated, being amongst all these college educated women and not sure I fit in. After completing the “Leadership Quiz”, I realized that although a degree certainly helps, it is not required to be a Leader. I was, in fact, a Leader for quite some time and did not realize it until that quiz!!! That was definitely an “AH-HA” moment for me and one I think about every day. 

Lynda Thompson PSEG Long Islan

Leading with Edge 2018


The Leading with Edge is a fantastic and essential program for those women who are looking to further develop and act on their leadership capabilities. What I enjoyed the most about the program was we discussed and collaborated on how we portray ourselves on paper as well as the messages we send to others when we talk, our body language, and what we can do to give ourselves an edge in our career development every day! Leave your self-doubt at the door as this program offers you the tools and challenges you need to surpass in order to go after your goals with confidence. You won’t be disappointed!

Meredith Lewis PSEG Long Island

Rising with Edge 2018

I am so thankful my company endorsed me to be a part of this leadership course. It is empowering, informative and a great opportunity to extend your network. Ivy and Leslie are the dream team delivering motivational slogans, aha-moments and great reading material/references. They don’t just talk-the-talk they walk the walk, and that is exactly what they make you do during their sessions. You are pushed to step out of your shell and become a visionary, and even share those visions out loud to really help you hear yourself think. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain confidence, decrease/eliminate fear of failure or any other limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your greatest goal.

Oriana Sharwani National Grid (Boston, MA)

Rising with Edge 2018


Thanks so much for seeing the need create a program encouraging women to realize their true potential and value. This class came at a time in my career/life that I lacked motivation. The Rising with Edge class helped me to understand my value and to make positive changes forward. I now can support the women below me and help them to achieve great things while achieving them myself. Thank you again for taking the time in the beginning to speak to me. Please continue to do great things for women! 

Theresa Dorsey MTA LIRR

Leading with Edge

With enthusiastic and engaging facilitators, experts in the field, the class felt comfortable and safe to open up and share experiences. The workshops which were educational, insightful and enjoyable, helped me to learn more about myself, my goals and aspirations. I developed a new set of tools that I can use back in my workplace to help me continue to successfully perform both as a member of a team and as a leader.  Susan Wetzel, PSEG Long Island

Leading with Edge

Leading with Edge was extremely helpful for my career & personal development. I joined the program during a promotion year,  a critical point in my career. The best part of the program is that I was able to apply what I learned right away, both at home & and at work. It was also great to network with other extraordinary women leaders who shared similar experiences. I highly recommend Leading with Edge!

Carline Thompson (Bernard), EY 

Leading with Edge

This program provided an intimate & open environment for executive women to share experiences with one another. The instructors were engaging & insightful, providing guidance we could put in practice right away. Women don't always take the time we should to focus on building a network of peers. The Leading with Edge sessions introduced me to a group of bright and supportive women executives who are now my entourage. Katherine Demacopoulos, CA Technologies

Rising with Edge

The Rising with Edge course is an essential foundation for women starting their careers as well as those seasoned in their respective industries. It is an eye opener with regards to the negative things we do unconsciously to stall and derail our career journey. With each session, you will walk away with tools and techniques for handling everyday challenges. The Big Vision is a soul-searching exercise that is well worth the time and effort.  

Stacey Haggerty, PSEG Long Island 

Rising with Edge

This program provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with other women leaders in a collaborative environment.  I have no doubt that the relationships that we developed and the skills that we learned will be instrumental as we progress in our careers.  Beyond just offering tangible skills, this course encouraged each of us to reflect on our visions for the future &  the steps necessary to achieve our goals.  I recommend this course to any woman looking to gain an edge in her field.  

Michelle Bholan, Rivkin Radler LLP

Rising with Edge

The Rising with Edge sessions really opened my eyes in many ways.  The program serves as a platform not only to learn and excel but also to search within ourselves to understand more about who we are and our true struggles.  I had a lot of "ah-ha"moments, especially when I learned that my fellow sisters are struggling with something very similar to me.  

Janie Chen, MTA LIRR

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