Workshop Session 3:00

Presented by Einser Amper

What is Your Financial Game Plan? Affording your one best life 

There are no do-overs in life. Planning is key to making sure that you can afford the life you dream about. Not only do you need to be smart about your present life, but also about your future. So, what is your game plan?  Our experts will share real-life case studies showing the good, the bad and the pitfalls. They will guide you on how to achieve your financial goals with a plan that incorporates your values, needs and wishes and follows a disciplined, collaborative process that outlines saving and investment plans as well as protection against the unknown.

Presented by National Grid

Engaging Employees: Why you want ERG’s (Employee Resource Groups) at your workplace 

Employee Resource Groups are a critical piece of an organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy. Voluntary, employee led groups foster a diverse, inclusive workplace that supports the organization’s mission, goals, and business practices. Employees perform better when feeling accepted and included in their company culture. National Grid will share why their best practices and tips on how you can create successful ERG’s at your workplace. .

by Enzo Biochem

You’re Not Crazy, it’s our hormones!  5 steps to fixing your hormones  Presented 

As professional women, we are constantly being faced with stress and we try our best to manage the demands on our personal and professional lives.  Stress can have a negative impact on our health and well-being and can lead to hormonal imbalance in women. 

Hormones have many important effects on women's health.  Find out why hormonal imbalance is so common and can create the “5 big symptoms” of hormonal imbalance: fatigue, weight loss resistance, female hormone issues, gut issues and depression/anxiety/irritability and insomnia. Learn about the 5 step action plan to address your imbalances. Women’s health expert, Dr. Anita Sadaty is a Board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and founder of Redefining Health Medical will share the secrets to overcoming these symptoms and reclaiming a healthy you. 

Workshop Session 4:15

Presented by Genser Cona Elder Law

Empowered Conversations: Caregiving Tales and Strategies to Achieve a Healthy Family and Work Life Balance

Genser Cona Elder Law will demonstrate multiple scenarios illustrating the caregiving challenges facing individuals, families and their employers today. Learn how to reduce stress with effective communication skills and proper planning to protect yourself, your assets, and your family. Observe family conversations and interoffice scenes with mock CEOS, Social Workers, Financial Advisors, and employees to gain a different prospective on work/life integration.  

Presented by BOAC & Wilmington Trust

Power Women & How They Do it Right!

Do you know what Alvina Lo, Rhea Thomas, and Meghan Shue all have in common? They are three of Wilmington Trusts’ most admired women leaders. Alvina is the Chief Wealth Strategist, Rhea is an Economist and Meghan is Administrative Vice President, Head of Investment Strategy. These 3 thought leaders advise on the strategies at Wilmington Trust. 

They will share strategies to become a more empowered investor.  Alvina, Rhea & Meghan will also share their personal experiences of how they are rising to the top in the world of finance & economics. 

Presented by Mazars USA LLP

Be Visible: Make Your Mark

Challenge the status quo, turn obstacles into opportunities and learn how you can make your mark in your career! Everyone's path to success is different. At Mazars, to “Be Visible” means taking a proactive approach to demonstrating leadership while empowering others through shared knowledge. Our Be Visible campaign highlights women leaders who embody the core values and principles that the firm seeks to promote. At this workshop, Mazars Women will share their tips to making your mark.