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Edge Refresher Class for Edge Alumni ONLY Embrace Your Inner (entre/intra)Preneur

Whether you work for yourself, a small business or a large corporation, you want lead with a (entre/intra)preneurial spirit. What is a (entre/intra)preneurial spirit? One of innovation, passion, ownership and vision... 

This workshop will explore:

  • What is an (entre/intra)preneurial spirit?
  • Why embrace an (entre/intra)preneurial spirit
  • What are the skills and strategies needed?
  • How to incorporate into your vision plan?

June  5, 2019 at 9:00 pm—11:00 am

Carter, DeLuca & Farrell LLP

576 Broad Hollow Road, Melville, NY 11747 

Workshop fee: $35.00 includes refreshments & all materials

Register, pay by check email Ivy@Ivy-Network.com

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Space is limited - need additional information

Info@Ivy-Network.com or 516-743-8220 


Embrace Your Power: Lead Like a Woman INTRO TO EDGE open to all

Have you been interested in attending Leading or Rising with Edge? Would you like to try it out?  Need more information before participating?  Now you have the opportunity!  This interactive workshop is open to all curious women who would like to give Edge a try, this will give you a feel for what Edge is all about! 

We will explore The Ivy Network’s three pronged approach to leadership empowerment: Introspection, Skills and Strategies. This approach raises awareness and offers solutions demonstrating how to overcome issues that limit your confidence & inhibit your leadership abilities. 

Learn how you can shift the paradigm of limiting beliefs to one of empowered inspirational leadership.

June  5, 2019 at 1:00 —3:00 pm

Genser Cona Elder Law

 225 Broadhollow Road Suite 200
Melville, NY 11747 

Workshop fee: $35.00 includes refreshments & all materials

Register, pay by check email Ivy@Ivy-Network.com

Register, pay by credit card click below 


Info@Ivy-Network.com or 516-743-8220 

Custom designed Leadership Workshops & Initiatives

Women's Initiatives


If your company has a Women's Initiative or Resource group, let the Ivy Network make it a strategy. Initiatives that focus on women’s leadership have become an office staple. Companies want initiatives that promote growth, development and advancement, not just a bunch of “feel-good” events. Let us customize a fluid program that fits your company’s mission and culture, while building a toolbox of necessary skills to be a bolder stronger women leader.  

Customized Programs


We custom designs leadership workshops, women's initiatives programs that answer the question " what is leadership?" Our programs are interactive and experiential tailored for small or large groups. Using practical  techniques taught in a supportive environment, our goal is for all participants to experience an “a-ha” moment. With years of experience and expertise, we bring our knowledge and insight right to your company customizing to your needs. 

Speaking Engagements


Ivy's presentations raise awareness and highlight the most relevant topics in leadership, women’s issues and gender parity. She always includes insightful approaches and solutions to current issues. Ivy incorporates her personal leadership and brings her coaching toolbox to her speaking engagements. Topics include communication skills, shifting your mind-set, setting your vision and mission statement, networking, and much more…

Equitable Workplace


 You asked for it and Ivy created it. A workshop designed to engages all genders, sharing approaches that create leadership parity fostering a more professional workplace. #Metoo has brought to light inequities in the workplace, your company needs  strategies and approaches to achieve more effective communication and professional interactions in the workplace, Ivy shares the how-to’s to create common dialogues in the office. 

Empower Your Connections


 Building your network is essential to developing business. It’s not just about going to events and collecting business cards, it’s about creating empowered connections. Gain an in-depth understanding about how-to stand out and grow your contacts, becoming the go-to person. Discover how to create and maintain an  influential network, making you a more robust leader.   We’ll show how easy networking can be if you have the right tools.  

Individual or Group Coaching


 Ivy Algazy received her Empowerment Coaching Certification in 2006 from iPEC. Coaching guides on how to tap into  your capabilities, fine tune your skills and reach your real potential in both your professional and personal lives. Coaching can be done individually and in a group. Ivy takes you through a process of exploration, discovery and understanding of yourself, coaching your to be a better leader in today’s business world.