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Join us on June 16, 2020 for the Collaborate with Edge Mini Conference on Zoom 

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Collaborate with Edge Conference  Conference date 

October 6, 2020 - 1:30 am- 8:30 pm Woodbury, NY 

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What is The Ivy Network?

The Ivy Network takes the lead in women's leadership! 

We  actively advance and promote 

gender parity in the workplace while 

creating stronger bolder women leaders. 

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Our Experience

Since 2013, The Ivy Network has taken the lead in women's leadership by offering executive level programs for businesswomen who are looking for professional development, personal growth and career advancement. Even the most experienced women leader benefits from our training which has been designed for women by women leaders.  More and more, we find that companies want to support their women leaders by sending them to our Edge Programs. 

Our Approach

 The Ivy Network Edge Curriculum engages a proprietary approach to women's leadership development programs. The Edge Model, designed by founder and CEO, Ivy Algazy, recognizes the unique experiences and demands of today’s professional women. These exclusive corporate women's leadership programs were designed by Ivy and her team, taking women through a “tested and proven” three-pronged method that includes introspection, women-centered skills and creating a comprehensive strategy to bring into your personal and professional life.  

Why Us?

“After completing the Leading with Edge Program with Ivy Algazy I feel more powerful than ever to reach my goals. The class helped me grow as a person and the skills I learned will benefit me so much in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for the coaching Ivy and thank you to all my classmates for sharing your journeys with me. I look forward to continuing my path with all of you by my side.” 

Pina M. Campagna, Partner

Carter, DeLuca & Farrell LLP

Leading with Edge Spring 2019

Meet Ivy Algazy, CEO & Founder of the ivy network


Ivy Algazy is the CEO & Founder of The Ivy Network, LLC., the mastermind behind the Annual Collaborate with Edge Leadership Conference and the Director of the Long Island Associations Women’s Collaborative. She started The Ivy Network, LLC in 2014, teaching her innovative Edge Women’s Leadership curriculum to 100’s of women; creating stronger bolder women leaders. 

Ivy’s multifaceted career began as an educator and continued in leadership training, not for profit fundraising & engagement, women’s issues and more. Prior to opening her company, Ivy held positions as the AHA “Go Red for Women” Director and the Director of Community Outreach for Women’s Health at Northwell Health System, which gained her a reputation as a subject matter expert in women’s topics.  Ivy’s career and life experiences were the catalyst for developing the Edge Leadership model. She is currently adapting the Edge model to be used with multi-gender audiences to create a more equitable workplace.

Ivy is a graduate of the SUNY Regents College and earned her Coaching Certification from The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and has a Certificate of High-Performance Leadership from Cornell University.

Ivy currently writes for several publications including She is also a member of the Forbes Greater NY Business Council. 

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