What is the edge model?

Why Edge Women's Leadership Programs?

The Edge Model is a unique transformational leadership curriculum designed for women by women. Only women can truly understand what women need to excel in today's business world and in women's leadership. 

Why does Edge work?

One of the greatest benefit is our single gender classes where peer interaction in a safe judgment-free setting is highly encouraged. Open class discussions raise awareness of relevant issues that only affect women in the workplace and teach the necessary skills to work through these issues. You will feel free to join discussions and practice skills without ever feeling shut down, leaving the class prepared with a vision and strategies that can be implemented as soon as you are back in the office!

This process will make you a more confident, prepared and empowered leader. When women learn together magic happens!
Let the learning begin! 

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Meet Ivy Algazy, Founder & CEO, the ivy network, llc

 Ivy Algazy is the CEO & Founder of The Ivy Network, LLC., the mastermind behind the Annual Collaborate with Edge Leadership Conference and the Director of the Long Island Associations Women’s Collaborative. She started The Ivy Network, LLC in 2014, teaching her innovative Edge Women’s Leadership curriculum to 100’s of women; creating stronger bolder women leaders. 

Ivy’s multifaceted career began as an educator and continued in leadership training, not for profit fundraising & engagement, women’s issues and more. Prior to opening her company, Ivy held positions as the AHA “Go Red for Women” Director and the Director of Community Outreach for Women’s Health at Northwell Health System, which gained her a reputation as a subject matter expert in women’s topics.  Ivy’s career and life experiences were the catalyst for developing the Edge Leadership model. She is currently adapting the Edge model to be used with multi-gender audiences to create a more equitable workplace.

Ivy is a graduate of the SUNY Regents College and earned her Coaching Certification from The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and has a Certificate of High-Performance Leadership from Cornell University.

Ivy currently writes for several publications including Forbes.com. She is also a member of the Forbes Greater NY Business Council.